Tapatalk VIP+ membership offers you ad-free access to any site on Tapatalk Groups and other exciting benefits that will give you more reasons to stay active in your groups

With the VIP+ membership, enjoy viewing forums ad free while also supporting your forum. And your membership comes with lots of additional benefits

VIP+ Benefits
No Ads

Absolutely no advertisement among all 65,000+ Tapatalk Groups. Your forum experience on Tapatalk will feel much snappier and cleaner. Also no ads in the Tapatalk mobile app and all emails sent from us.

Festive Hats

Use all Festive Hats for free.

Stay Anonymous

Anonymously dislike other posts and view other user’s profiles.

Always On Dark Mode

A lot of our members have requested to view every forum in Tapatalk Groups in Dark Mode. VIP+ members will now have that option across all forums in Tapatalk Groups!

Show Original Content

Because Google and other ad providers do not allow ads on pages with adult or inappropriate content, including certain swear words, that content is filtered. Since VIP+ members are not served ads, word filters can be disabled so you can view original content without restrictions. Also, our Adult Image scanner is now more forgiving for image attachments by VIP+ members so appropriate images will be far less likely to be flagged incorrectly.

Exclusive Badge

A VIP+ badge will appear next to the VIP+ member’s username across all Tapatalk Groups. They will also have the option to hide this badge.

Bump Any Topic

VIP+ members can discreetly bump any topic without posting any comment with a generous frequency of once every 6 hours.

A More Forgiving Time Limit to Edit Posts

If your group allows members to edit or delete their own posts within a certain period of time, a VIP+ member will have up to 30 days to edit or delete their posts.

Bigger Attachments and More attachments per post

VIP+ members can upload up to 20 files per post and 50MB per file (compared to 10 files/post and 20MB/file for standard users)

Multi-profile Support with extra Profiles

VIP+ members have the ability to add a maximum of 10 profiles per group.

299 Gold points/mo
$ 2.99/mo
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